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Analyze Log Data

The conversational data that is generated by the users of your bot is a valuable source of information for improvement, but can also provide you with valuable business insights.

Business insights are normally set up to be extracted with Augmenters in combination with Metadata and they can then be displayed in normal reporting tools such as Microsoft Power BI for easy consumption by stakeholders within your business.

You can access your bot's data in the Log Data tab in Teneo Studio. In this tab, you can find the conversational logs as soon as a session ends, which allows for fast analytics of conversations. The Log Data tab features functionality to query the data repository using the Teneo Query Language (TQL) and to step inside sessions (conversations) to inspect the details of the conversation. Additionally, it also features functionality to export the data which you can use to import to other BI tools which may already be deployed within the organization.

Watch the video for a high-level introduction to the Log Data tab and how the sessions are logged.