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Use Teneo's improvement tips

The suggestions tab will give you an overview of different errors and other potentially problematic issues. They are automatically detected and prioritized in your solution for you so you can easily address them. The suggestions tab is relevant throughout the entire development process of a solution. You can find the suggestions tab in the solution’s backstage under the optimization area:

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Different categories of errors

The suggestions tab consist of four different kinds of categories to make it easier to identify which type of issue is being displayed in the suggestion list:

  • Text - Text-related issues such as: Flow trigger has no description, flow output answer is empty
  • Robustness - Robustness-related issues such as: Node has only Conditional transitions, Continue transitions and Library updates such as a newer Lexical Resource available
  • Condition - Condition-related issues such as: Invalid conditions, empty conditions
  • Scripts - Script-related issues such as: Integration script is empty, script node is empty

Which suggestions to address first

The suggestions tab comprises four different suggestions: Optimize - Use Teneo's improvement tips: all errors

The suggestions are grouped and sorted based on their severity from most to least severe. This way, the most ‘acute’ problems are at the top of the suggestion list. 

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The listed issues are accessible for you to immediately access the location in the solution where the issue can be corrected by double-clicking the item in the list. If you do not want to address the issue right away, you can select the issue that does not require immediate action and press 'Acknowledge' at the top. However, issues listed as Fatal errors or errors cannot be acknowledged since they require your attention.

Fatal errors

Issues that are listed under Fatal errors must be corrected, because they are causing an Engine load failure and this is preventing the solution from running at all. Fatal suggestions come from the Engine and are also displayed in Try Out. Optimize - Use Teneo's improvement tips: fatal error long


Issues that are listed under Errors should be addressed because they cause a certain part of the solution, for instance a flow, a script or an integration, not to run. Optimize - Use Teneo's improvement tips: error long


Issues listed under Warning can cause problems whose impact is limited. These potential problems do not prevent the solution from running. You should consider these issues a part of the "solution’s hygiene", which should be maintained. Optimize - Use Teneo's improvement tips: warning long

Information suggestions

Issues listed under Information suggestions point out potential areas of improvement that cause no direct problems in the solution but go against shared conventions or best practices. Examples may include missing descriptions or deviation from naming conventions.

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Filter suggestions

In the top right of the suggestions tab, you can find the filter tab. In the filter tab you can filter the suggestions to find specific categories of a certain severity, look through acknowledged issues, and perform text searches.

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