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Document numbers

Entities, Language Objects and Flows are documents within Teneo Studio which all live in folders and have a unique Document Number.

Document Numbers are generated by the server for Language Objects, Entities and Flows.

It is possible to define a specific prefix for a solution or project. To do so, go to the Solutions tab of Teneo Studio, choose Properties in the left-hand menu and then Edit to add a prefix to the solution.

​ [Solution prefix]_[F(low)/L(anguage object)/E(ntity)]_[Number]

So, if the prefix TFTA is defined, the document number of the first Flow created in the solution will be TFTA_F_00001.

In both Flows, Language Objects and Entities it is possible to see the Document Number in the backstage of the object by clicking the Properties menu in the left-hand side. The Document Number is a read-only property and cannot be changed.

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