Teneo Developers

Workspace before opening a solution

My Work

After login, the first tab Teneo Studio will display is the My work tab. Here it is possible to see Recent work done by the user in Flows, Language Objects, Entities, etc. sorted by solutions. To resume work, it is possible to open a specific object and solution by double-clicking any of the objects listed here, or by selecting it and clicking the Open button available above the view.

Furthermore, it is also possible to see a list of Your Owned Solutions, which is a list displayed when the user owns solution(s) on the server.


In the Solutions tab, the user is able to see a full list of available solutions in the server. Selecting any of the solutions in the list will display detailed information about the solution in the right-side of the window, including properties such as solution language, number of Flows, Language Objects, Entities, and folders.

It is also here the user has the options to manage the solutions in the server. The following solution management options are available:

Management options

  • Open: opens the currently selected solution
  • New: opens a dialogue window to create a new solution
  • Branch: allows to create a local copy of the solution, leaving it as a Master solution
  • Edit: opens the Edit Solution window, which allows the user to change the following properties:
    • In the Edit Solution window, selecting Just solution properties, will provide the user with the option to change the following solution properties: name, prefix, language, location, quality control setting, confidence threshold, description and notes.
    • In the same window, when selecting Import additional content from file, the user can by clicking Browse... select to import an additional solution to the selected solution.
  • Delete: this options deletes the selected solution. Bear in mind that deleting a solution will also un-publish from all environments.
  • Reload: the reload button refreshes the view of the solutions.
  • Filter: the text filter gives the option to filter out solutions with specific letters or words in the name, description, user or language of a solution


The Lexical tab shows information about the available lexical resources in the server. The lexical resources can both be Teneo Lexical Resources and custom-made lexical resources.

In the top right-side of the screen it is possible to Import lexical resources as well as Reload the view of the available resources.

In the view of each of the lexical resources, it is possible to view the information about the version and assignments. If the lexical resource has any notes, these are also displayed here, for the Teneo Lexical Resources this often includes the Release Notes of the version.

Log Data

The Log Data panel shows the available Log Data sources in the customer.

Import / Export

In the Import / Export tab it is possible to Import Solution, Import Lexical Resource or Export either multiple lexical resources or solutions together. For more details, please click here.


Clicking the About tab gives detailed information on the current Teneo Studio client, the backend and logged in Studio account.