Interface ImmutableActiveFlowI

  • public interface ImmutableActiveFlowI
    • Method Detail

      • getInstanceId

        UUID getInstanceId()
        Returns the ID of this instance of an active flow. Not to be confused with the ID of the flow itself.
      • getFlowTrigger

        ImmutableFlowTriggerI getFlowTrigger()
        Returns the flow trigger (normal or pro-active) which caused activation of the flow. In case the flow is a subflow, null is returned.
      • getCurrentVertex

        ImmutableVertexI getCurrentVertex()
        Returns the vertex at which processing stopped during the last user input turn.
      • getFlowScriptBindings

        ImmutableScriptBindingsI getFlowScriptBindings()
        Returns the flow's scripting variables. Note: This includes the session variables as well.