Interface ImmutableLogEntryI

  • public interface ImmutableLogEntryI
    This interface defines read-only access to the basic data of a log entry.
    • Method Detail

      • getUserInputText

        String getUserInputText()
      • getTransactionId

        String getTransactionId()
      • getAnswerText

        String getAnswerText()
      • getAnswerEmotion

        String getAnswerEmotion()
      • getAnswerURL

        String getAnswerURL()
      • getPath

        List<? extends PathElement> getPath()
        Returns the processing path elements of this log entry. The entries are stored in the order they where generated during request processing, starting at index 0.
      • getRequestTime

        long getRequestTime()
        Returns the request time.

        Not every entry will have a real request time, for example logs entries inserted by scripts will have the request time set to the system time at creation of the entry.

        the request time, measured in milliseconds since midnight, January 1, 1970 UTC
      • getLogVariables

        Map<String,​String> getLogVariables()
        Returns an immutable map of the log variables.
      • getDuration

        int getDuration()
        Returns the transaction duration in milliseconds.
      • getWriteToLog

        boolean getWriteToLog()
        States whether this entry will be written to the session log.