Class GivenOutputElement

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    public class GivenOutputElement
    extends AbstractVertexElement
    The output element denotes that a certain output has been given. It keeps track of not only the vertex id, but also the actual output id, since there can be multiple outputs for one output vertex. The outputText element holds the actual textual output, after replacing script expressions.
    • Constructor Detail

      • GivenOutputElement

        public GivenOutputElement​(UUID _outputId,
                                  String _sOutputText,
                                  String _sUrl,
                                  String _sEmotion,
                                  int _iMaxRevisits,
                                  ActiveFlow _currentFlow,
                                  ScriptEnvironmentI _scriptEnv,
                                  Map<String,​Object> _mChangedSessionVariables,
                                  Map<String,​Object> _mChangedFlowVariables)
    • Method Detail

      • isSkipped

        public boolean isSkipped()
      • getOutputId

        public String getOutputId()
      • getOutputText

        public String getOutputText()
      • getUrl

        public String getUrl()
      • getEmotion

        public String getEmotion()
      • getRevisits

        public int getRevisits()
      • getMaxRevisits

        public int getMaxRevisits()