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Safetynet and default output


A Safetynet is a Flow used by the conversional AI application when a proper answer cannot be provided to the user. This can happen because it is not always possible to anticipate all possible directions that a conversation can take. In more technical terms; a user input may not match any of the triggers in the solution and when this happens a Flow, called the Safetynet, is triggered. The Safetynet usually has an empty TLML Syntax Match defined (to allow any inputs to match and trigger the Flow) and thanks to the safetynet, the conversational AI application can ask the user to rephrase a question or suggest a new topic.

The TLML syntax Match in a Safetynet Flow must be empty, because it should be true for any user input that has made it this far. It is good practice to create several different answers so that the user does not receive the same answer too often.

To work as intended, the Safetynet Flow should have the lowest priority and the lowest ranking in the Intent Trigger Ordering. It is common practice to put the Safetynet Flow in its own Ordering group.

Default Output

The Default Output is the question the conversational AI application gives whenever there are no active flows. A question such as How can I help you? would make a good default output.

To add a Default Output, create a Flow with a Prompt trigger with a "true" condition, which is always active.

Both the Safetynet Flow and the Default Output Flow must have the lowest priority in their respective ordering (Intent Trigger Ordering and Prompt Trigger Ordering).

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