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Limit unrecognized words

Define words to recognize

The Limit unused words to functionality, available under Advanced Options of Syntax Matches and Listeners, allows to specify how many words besides those specified in the TLML syntax may be contained in the user input for that syntax to be satisfied. The option is often used in conjunction with the Maybe operator (~).

Consider the case where wanting to recognize a context-sensitive follow-up question when an end-user has just received information about flights to Mars, and wants to know the same information for the planet Venus. Questions like the following could be expected:

  • And Venus?
  • What about Venus
  • And Venus then
  • And for Venus?

A syntax referring to planet names only would be too wide, as it would capture inputs like How long does it take to travel to Venus. So, the syntax should only recognize planet names, possibly accompanied by one or two of the words mentioned above, and nothing else. No other words would be allowed in the user input. This could be how the TLML syntax and the number of Limit unused words to are set:


1%PLANETS.NN.LIST ~ (and/what/about/then/for)
3Limit unused words to 0

For more information, please see the TLML Reference Manual.