Teneo Developers

TLML Syntax writing

TLML Syntax writing is the art of writing a Teneo Linguistic Modeling Language (TLML) syntax that recognizes enough user inputs to be efficient without being so unspecific that it becomes ineffective.

For example, if the user wants to add a Flow with an Intent Trigger that answers questions like What is the time? and the syntax is (what+is+the+time), the Flow would not be triggered by a user input like Can you tell me what time it is?.

If the user widened the syntax to (time), the Flow could be triggered by user inputs like What is the time? and Can you tell me what time it is?, but also by an input like At what time does the sale starts?.

In short, the trick is to be specific enough in the TLML syntax for it to be useful for the purposes that the user have in mind for the Flow.

To help the user write the TLML syntax, Teneo Studio Desktop comes with a highly intelligent Syntax editor that can draft syntax suggestions for the user if he provides some sample user intents. Of course, the user will have to verify that the generated syntax suits the specific needs and may have to tune it manually if it does not.

For information about the available operators for syntax writing, please see the TLML syntax summary and the Teneo Linguistic Modeling Language reference manual.