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Publish a solution

The act of publishing is quite simple and involves little more than a press of a button:

  • Once the solution to be published is open in Teneo Studio, go to the backstage (Solution tab) and select Publish in the left-side menu.
  • Select the environment to publish to.
  • Click the Manage button representing the target environment and then select the wanted Publish option.
  • The process may take a couple of minutes to complete.

Publish menu

The process is finalized once the Publish Status states "Published". If using Teneo Studio in SaaS environments, the publishing process requires an additional step to be fully completed and the Publish Status "Rolling out" appear.

Rolling Out Status

Once Rolling Out reaches 100%, the process is finalized and the Publish Status is updated to "Published". Please use the Reload button to refresh the status data in case of doubts or inconsistency.

Latest versus Stable

It is possible to publish either the Latest version of everything in the solution or to publish all the versions marked as Stable within the solution; this allows to publish a version of the solution which contains documents which have been tested thoroughly and hence marked as stable, while work is being performed in newer versions of the same documents; meaning solution developers can re-publish stable revisions while developing new content or improving existing content but without having to publish everything before the development of the improvements are done, tested and lastly marked as stable.

Note that publishing a stable solution on top of a latest solution and vice versa always results in full publish.

Read more about Version Flags.

Full application deployment

Sometimes, Teneo Studio stops the publish process and displays the user a warning message encouraging the user to perform a full application deployment.

This warning message occurs due to changes in the solution which affects the web application as well (not just knowledge base updates) and which requires a new full publish, learn more here.

In this case, the user should simply:

  • Tick the option Perform full application deployment on Try again, and
  • click Try again.

Perform full deployment

A full application deployment is always performed when using Teneo Studio in SaaS environments hence the option to force a full deployment is redundant in this scenario.

Publish to file

To publish to a file and generate a web archive file (.war) of the solution, a publish environment needs to be first configured. See more here.

Next, to generate the .war file, follow the below steps:

  • Click Manage, select Publish in the drop-down menu
  • Browse to the location where the .war file should be saved
  • Write a File name
  • Click Save
  • The publication of the solution file will start, once done, click OK.

Republish an older version

Teneo Studio allows to republish an older version of a solution to the same or even to a different environment.

To be able to republish older versions, the publishing environment needs to be configured with the following two options selected in the Republish when setting up the publishing environment:

  • Save history
  • Allow republish to other environments.

To view and access the older published versions of a solution, follow the below steps:

  • Click the Solution tab to go to the backstage of Teneo Studio
  • Select Publish
  • Find the environment that contains the version of the solution that should be republished
  • Click History to view the list of former published versions
  • Find the wanted version and click the Republish button.

History and Republish

Unpublish a solution and delete environment

It is possible to unpublish a solution from an environment, this removes the solution from the selected environment. Follow the below steps to perform an unpublish:

  • Click the Manage and select Unpublish
  • Teneo Studio will prompt the user to confirm the unpublish, click Yes to continue.

The published solution will be removed from the selected environment.

Please note that management of environments (such as delete and unpublish) when using Teneo Studio in SaaS environments must be requested through Support.

Configuring a publish environment
Solution publish and workflow