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Entity Window


This page provides an introduction to the Entity window and the main options when working with Entities in Teneo Studio.

The Entity window consists of two tabs: Home and Entity.

The Home tab contains the following:

  • Top ribbon with edition options and buttons; read more
  • Entries editor where entries and variables can be added in a table-like view
  • Used by panel (left side) gives information about where the Entity is used, click any of the listed documents to navigate to the location where the current Entity is being referenced
  • Examples (right side) allows to write example which the Entity scope should cover

Entity window

The Entity tab consists of a left-side menu with the following:

  • Save allows to save the current, modified version of the Language Object
  • Properties allows to edit the name and description
  • History contains the history and lists former versions of the Entity
  • Close allows to close the Entity window.

The Entity window in Teneo Studio Web contains the following:

  • Entity name
  • Save button (visible only when changes have been performed)
  • Search field allowing to search the list of entries
  • Buttons:
    • Add Entry (both at the top and at the bottom)
    • Add String Variable
    • Add Script Variable
  • Entry editor

Entity window