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Teneo Studio allows users to export (and import) solutions in the .solution file format. Note that special user permissions are needed for import and export functionalities.

Export solution

In Teneo Studio Desktop, one or more solutions can be exported by following the below steps:

  • With the solution open, go to the backstage of Teneo Studio (Solution tab > Import/Export)
  • Click the Export button
  • In the Export window, select the solution(s) to export; multi-select by holding Ctrl down while clicking
  • Click the Browse... button under Download exported files to folder
  • Now, browse to the folder where the solution(s) should be saved, click Select Folder when done
  • Back in the Export window, leave the selection of Solutions under Export selected solutions as and click Continue
  • The window now displays an overview of the selected solution(s) to export, click Begin export to continue; alternatively, click Back to change the selection
  • The export of the solution(s) is confirmed with a Completed message; click Done to close the Export window.

To export a lexical resource, please see here

In Teneo Studio Web it is possible to export an existing solution in two places: the Solutions list and the Solution dashboard; the latter option is explained in the following steps:

  • With the solution open on the Solution dashboard
  • In the top ribbon, click Info
  • Select Export Solution

The solution export will start and the solution be saved in the download folder defined for the browser.

Export (language) config

The options described in this section currently only apply toTeneo Studio Desktop

The language configuration file contains the entire Teneo Input Processor configuration and .jar files for the current solution's language, and the Export config functionality allows to pack all of these files and export them to a local folder in the .zip file format. To export the language configuration of a solution, follow the below steps:

  • With the solution open, go to the backstage of Teneo Studio (Solution tab > Import/Export)
  • Click the Export config button
  • In the Save as view, browse to the folder where the language configuration file should be saved and click Save
  • Teneo Studio proceeds with the export of the language configuration .zip; when finished simply click OK.