Teneo Developers

User permissions

Teneo Studio

In Teneo Studio there are different levels of user permissions; a regular user is able to open solutions in an environment but solution content (i.e. Flows, Language Objects, resources, etc.) is all displayed in read-only mode, and the regular user needs to be owner of a solution in order to manage or edit solution content.

Solution owner: a user who creates a solution is the solution owner and has full access to it; a solution owner can add other users to the list of solution owners to grant full access to the solution, read more.

A regular user can be granted more permissions depending on project needs and tasks, this is done in Teneo Manager, usually by the administrator of the organization or by an admin Teneo user.
Teneo Manager provides the following additional permission options for Teneo Studio users (note that some of the below mentioned functionalities are currently only available in Teneo Studio Desktop):

  • Teneo admin
  • Global (user)*
  • Exporter
  • Export IP setup
  • Publish to file
  • Publish to Production
  • Modify Publish Environment
  • Modify Quality settings
  • Export as library
  • View libraries
  • Delete libraries
  • Link LDSs

* A global (user) has access to all solutions in the environment including editing permissions for all the solutions.

Log Data Sources

Different types of roles (or user permissions) are available for working with Log Data Sources, and just like the user permissions in Teneo Studio the roles for accessing a Log Data Source are managed in Teneo Manager.

The following user and group access roles are available:

  • Augmenter
  • Data
  • Export
  • Importer
  • Sysadmin
  • TQL

For more information, please see the Teneo Manager page.