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Template Solutions

A template solution can serve as a starting point for new solutions, regardless if they are the first in a project or a new solution within an existing project. The template solutions can be selected at solution creation and will pre-fill the solution with useful starting data - this data can be, for example, Flows, Language Objects, Entities, and even Global data such as Listeners, Scripts or Integrations.
The Teneo Platform provides template solutions out-of-the-box; these are the Conversational Modules (Teneo Dialogue Resources) and they are presented in the Create new solution dialogue box for the selected language when available.

Create New Solution

The Teneo Dialogue Resources contain Flow drafts from which developers can create a solution and they cover the generic dialogue capabilities needed for the conversational AI application to behave human-like, show social skills and personalized behavior; for more information about Teneo Pre-built Knowledge and Conversational modules, please see here.

Custom template solutions

Besides the Teneo Dialogue Resources mentioned above, the Teneo Platform allows to generate custom template solutions which can then be made available on an environment. The creation of custom template solutions is as outlined below:

  1. [Solution developer] First, build a solution containing all the template data/functionalities (e.g., Flows, Language Objects, Scripts, etc.) which will be needed in any new solution created from this template
  2. Thoroughly test the solution to ensure the validity of the data
  3. Export the solution (user permissions for export are needed):
    a. With the template solution open, go to the backstage of Teneo Studio and select Import/Export
    b. Click Export
    c. In the Export window, choose the solution(s) to export (multi-select by holding down Ctrl while selecting)
    d. Next, under Download exported files to folder, browse to the location where the solution(s) should be saved
  4. [Teneo Studio system administrator] On the Studio backend server for the environment requiring this template:
    a. Copy the exported .solution file(s) to the Teneo Studio backend server /templates folder
    b. Any solution files located within this ´/templates´ folder will be made immediately available in the New Solution dialogue within Teneo Studio, without the need to restart the backend or even the frontend
  5. [Solution developer] Create a new solution on the environment where the template solution was installed, in the New Solution dialogue, simply select the template under Create from Template
  6. Teneo Studio creates a new solution with all the content from the template solution and will notify the user once the new solution is ready.

/templates folder

Template solutions must be placed into the templates folder on the backend server. The location of this folder is defined in teneo-studio.properties and by default is:


This means that in a standard setup, the template solution files need to be located in: /var/local/teneo/studio/templates.

Any solution files located within the /template folder are made available immediately in the New Solution dialogue without the need to restart the backend or even the frontend.

Templates apply to all accounts belonging to the same environment; currently it is not possible to configure templates per account on a shared environment.