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Audit Logging

A first iteration of Audit Logging is available with the Teneo Platform 7.0 release, allowing to log admin actions performed in Teneo Manager. As Teneo Manager allows to access and modify elements in three ways (via the Manager API, the Manager UI and Manager task), of course, these are listed in the log trace. The new log file is named teneo-manager-audit.log.

The fields and values which are logged are as described in the following table and will appear in the same order in the actual logs as they are listed.

FieldPossible values
event-timestampevent timestamp in ISO 8601 format (date and time)
event-sourcemanager-api - manager-ui - manager-task
event-authauthorized - unauthorized - error
event-descriptionlogin - access logout
actor-addressip address (IPv4, IPv6)
actor-typeclient - user - admin - task
actor-idclientId - userId
actor-nameclientName - userName(logon) - taskName
access-typecreate - read - modify - delete
access-resourceLogArchives.removeLogArchive, oauth2/access-tokens…

Teneo Studio logs

As part of the work of exposing more information about user habits and environment usage some useful metrics/activities are now exposed as INFO messages in the general logs available in the var/log/teneo folder. These log messages include when a session is created or removed (i.e. login, logout, first usage (API), timeout) and contain information related to the user/session Ids, the action (login, logout, new API session, timeout) and the new current counts for user and API sessions.

Public APIs


The Studio REST API has been extended further to cover endpoints for solutions, such as create/delete/get solution or update solution properties, and a new endpoint for templates is also available; for details please refer to the Studio REST API.

Studio access and session monitoring

The API tokens created in Teneo Manager now also allows to call the Studio API; the API tokens allow a way to access Studio that the system knows is not a user logged in (meaning it can be reported differently and does not clash with the actual user logging in whilst the script is running). In order to prevent two different script executions from clashing (as Studio backend is stateful and some things are on the session) it is a good idea to create multiple API tokens, one per script - therefore one session per script. For more details please refer to the Manager REST API.

The currentsession endpoint has been removed and replaced with 2 new entries in the status endpoint

/teneo-studio/status?verbose Active-API-Count=0 Active-Login-Count=0

Active-Login-Count is how many users are logged in via standard logins (i.e. with credentials; this will usually be via a frontend)
Active-API-Count is how many sessions exist via API token authentication, i.e. how many service users have recently connected (because access by API token is not required to login/logout so the session will continue to exist when the script is not actually actively executing - until it times out).

Fixes of reported issues with APIs

The Studio API and the Manager API have been improved to fix some reported issues, including the below:

  • Null properties not marked as optional
  • Timestamps changed to use ISO-8601 (RFC3339) in all Teneo APIs
  • Fixed swagger for multipart requests
  • Updated information about Authentication Methods for Teneo Manager
  • Added enums as they were missing to represent lists expected on known values
  • Naming alignment change in the Tryout endpoints from engine to engines

Please note that the changes are backwards incompatible and that anyone using the public APIs will need to update their code.

Notification handling

The notification handling for Teneo Studio (both Web and Desktop) and Teneo backend is now working by use of web sockets and Teneo Studio exposes a web socket API which can be used to establish a permanent two-way communication between the client and the server. For more information please see Studio Web Sockets API.

TIE API JSP compilation error

A JSP compilation error and NullPointerException logged by Tomcat if the Engine Web app couldn't send the session log to the Kafka server (e.g. because the service is down) has been fixed.

Supported browsers for Teneo Studio Web

The supported browsers for Teneo Studio Web are as listed below, please note that the best user experience is obtained with Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

  • Recent versions of Chrome, Edge and Firefox
  • Latest version of Safari (browser and iOS)*

* Safari currently has zoom disabled.


Teneo Discovery is removed from the Teneo Platform and is no longer available in the Teneo Platform release packages.

Dependency Changes

  • The Tomcat version used in the Teneo Platform has been upgraded to version 9.0.59
  • Log4Net used in Teneo Studio frontend is updated to version 2.0.13.
  • Jackrabbit version is updated to 2.21.10

See complete list of Dependencies

KI Resolutions

DescriptionKnown Issue
Printing Flow graph to XPS now works, also when Flow name is long (260 chars or more)KI-586
Properties now updates correctly after double-clickingKI-590
It is again possible to use Ctrl + p to print the Flow graphKI-651