Teneo Developers


The Reference section provides reference documentation related to the below listed topics, please select a topic in the left-side menu to read more.

  • Language Capabilities introduces the Natural Language Processing (NLP) Capabilities of the Teneo Platform provided through the use of different Input Processor chains as well as information related to additional Input Processors; read more
  • Pre-built Knowledge: Teneo provides pre-built knowledge in the form of NLU Ontology and Semantic Networks and Conversational Modules, the available pre-built resources are described further in this section; read more
  • Teneo Programming: consists of detailed manuals for the two programming languages developed by Artificial Solutions, the Teneo Linguistic Modeling Language for writing TLML syntax and the Teneo Query Language to query log data; read more
  • APIs - Reference documents: contains reference documentation related to the available Teneo Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), including reference documents related to the Teneo Inquire Client, Teneo Engine and the Teneo Input Processors; read more
  • Conceptual Overviews: provides high-level overviews and understanding of functionalities in the Teneo Platform; read more