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Currently Emotions are only available inTeneo Studio Desktop


Conversational AI applications, such as chatbots and virtual assistants, might use graphics to reveal emotions appropriate to the conversation.

If the AI application has this capability, Emotions should be assigned to the answer in the solution. When creating a new solution, the user will have to create a set of Emotions which can be assigned to the answers later.

If the user creates Emotions and assign them to Output nodes in a solution, the net effect will be zero if the conversational AI application does not have the required graphics to display Emotions.

Create Emotions

To create one or more Emotions, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Solution tab of Teneo Studio, and select Globals > Emotions
  • Click the Add button in the top of the screen
  • In the right-side of the screen, write a name for the Emotion and select an image for the Emotion
  • Click Save to save the new Emotion, alternatively click Cancel to discard the changes
  • Repeat the above steps to create several Emotions to be used in answers.

To save several Emotions in one go, clickSave All in the left-side panel.

Search for Emotions

The Search button available in the top of the list of Emotions allow the user to search for and find Flows where the selected Emotion is used. To search for an Emotion, simply select it and click the Search button. Teneo Studio will automatically take the user to the page with Search Results.

Delete Emotions

  • Go to the Solution tab of Teneo Studio, and select Globals > Emotions
  • Select the Emotion(s) to be deleted, multi-select is available by pressing Ctrl while selecting
  • Click Delete; the Emotion delete pending panel will be displayed in the right-side of the screen
  • Click Apply to delete the Emotion
  • To delete several Emotions, click Apply for each of the Emotions to be deleted; the next Emotion to delete will automatically populate the panel after clicking Apply.


The History of an Emotion is available by first selecting the Emotion in the list and next clicking the History button available in the top of the view of the select Emotion in the right side of the screen.

Read more about Version history here.

Version Flag

The button Set Stable, available above a selected Emotion, allows to set the current version of the Emotion as stable when pressed.

To set a previous version of an Emotion as stable, first open the History; in the History view, select the version and click Set Stable in the right top area.

To unset a stable version, select the Emotion (version) and click Unset Stable.

Read more about Version Flags.

Include and Exclude

The Include and Exclude buttons refers to including or excluding the selected Emotion in a Localization setup.

To either include or exclude an Emotion from Localization setup, simply select the Emotion and click the relevant button.

Read more about Localization setup here.

Assign Emotions

To assign an Emotion to a specific Answer in an Output node, follow the below steps:

  • Open the Flow in which an Emotion should be assigned
  • In the Flow graph, select the Output node
  • In the right-side panel, next to the Answer text field, click the arrow-down button
  • A drop-down menu with the available Emotions is displayed; select the wanted Emotion
  • Remember to Save the Flow to preserve the changes.