Teneo Developers

Script Editor


Scripts can be used to extend the functionality of a Conversational AI application, providing it with capabilities that are not out-of-the-box and script code can be used in, for example, script nodes, Listener operations, Skip condition expressions, Prompt trigger expressions, Global and Flow scripts, but also in Syntax editors.

The scripting language used is Groovy and Teneo Studio provide basic support for Groovy syntax highlighting, including support for different identifiers (type name, literals, keywords, etc.).

Indent and Outdent

To indent and outdent text in Script editors, use the below key combinations:

  • Tab indents the line
  • Shift + Tab outdents the line


Teneo Studio allows to find specific text in Script editors by using the Find function.

  • Ctrl + F opens the Find text box
  • Writing text allows to find and match text in the editor (and highlights the found text)
  • Navigate the matched instances by pressing the up and down buttons

Scripts in Syntax editors

It is possible to use scripts in the Syntax editors as well, for details please refer to the TLML Reference Manual and more specifically to the following sections: Script syntax, NLU Variables and attached scripts (including Propagation scripts and Predicate scripts).


In Teneo Studio Web, the developer can expand the script editor by clicking the expand icon available on hover over which allows for a better overview of the script and a broader workspace.
Click outside the expanded view to close it again.