Teneo Developers

Lexical Resources

The options and functionalities described in this page currently only apply toTeneo Studio Desktop

Lexical resource information

In Teneo Studio, before opening a solution, it is possible to see which lexical resources are available in the account by clicking the Lexical tab.

Each lexical resource is displayed with the following information:

  • Lexical resource name
  • Language
  • Version
  • Notes
  • Assignments

Delete a lexical resource

To delete a lexical resource from the account follow the below steps:

  • Before opening a solution in Teneo Studio, click Lexical in the left side panel
  • Go to the lexical resource to delete (scrolling up/down in the list of resources)
  • Click Delete
  • In the pop-up message, confirm the deletion by clicking Yes
  • Teneo Studio will delete the selected resource from the server

It is only possible to delete lexical resources without any assignments. To unassign lexical resources, pleasesee here.