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Teneo Platform 7.0 Overview

Teneo Studio

Below a summary of the key features coming with the Teneo 7 release, full details available here

Teneo Studio Web

The Teneo Platform 7.0 release introduces a completely new Studio Web User Interface (UI). It does not only bring the actual web experience, but also an improved UX with focus on guidance and simplification, where information gradually is exposed when required in the dialogue development process.
The new Studio Web is an additional UI to Teneo Studio Desktop with collaboration features enabling parallel development against the same solution, including locking of documents in edit mode, avoiding multiple users editing the same document at the same time, for example.
The first iteration of Teneo Studio Web covers a subset of the available features known from Teneo Studio Desktop, including:

  • Login page
  • Home page with Solutions list
  • Solution dashboard
  • Simplified Solution creation
  • Creation and editing of Language Objects, Entities, Flows
  • Tryout

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Teneo Studio Desktop

Simplified Solution Creation

The process of creating a new solution and starting to work with it has been simplified. Users are now guided through solution creation in three simple steps: selecting the language, confirming the solution content and giving the solution a name. Any new solution will have lexical resources assigned by default and it is now possible to create documents direct under the solution root, without first having to add a folder structure.

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Flow editor

The Flow editor has been reworked, bringing the guided and simplified user experience introduced in Studio Web across and allowing users to click Plus icons in the Flow graph to add nodes and elements where relevant options are displayed exponentially. The changes still allow experienced Studio desktop users to work as they are used to if desired but will at the same time make the desktop a familiar place for Studio web users and ensuring that the two UIs clearly state that they are part of the same family.

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Fixes and User Driven Improvements

Teneo Studio 7 also comes with a list of fixes and user driven improvements.

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Teneo Languages

To maintain version alignments, new versions of all Teneo Lexical and Dialogue Resources are released with Teneo 7.0.

Deprecated Language Objects

The Teneo 7.0 release includes deprecated Language Objects for Italian and Norwegian languages; full list available here.

Technology and deployment

Below a summary of the key features coming with the Teneo 7 release, full details available here

Audit Logging

A first iteration of Audit Logging is available with Teneo 7.0

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Public APIs

Various improvements and updates are provided for the Public APIs available in Teneo.

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KI Resolutions

A few Known Issues are fixed for the 7.0 release.

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Teneo Documentation

To cater for Teneo Studio Web and Teneo Studio Desktop, the following sections of the Teneo Platform documentation have been updated:

  • NEW Teneo Studio section which provides details related to login and other information relevant before opening a solution in Teneo Studio
  • The Solution section is updated to contain information relevant when working inside a solution, e.g. an overview of the Teneo Studio window, the basics for document handling as well as info related to the Syntax editor and keyboard shortcuts
  • The Flow, Language Object and Entity sections include step-by-step guides for working with each of these documents being it in Teneo Studio Web or the desktop application
  • Last, but not least, the Tryout section is updated to include also the Web UI's Tryout

Last but not least, based on the changes in the notification handling described here, a new Studio Web Sockets API page is available in the Reference section of documentation describing the endpoints and their usage to interact with Teneo Studio via web sockets.