Teneo Developers

Teneo Platform 7.0.1 Overview

Being a maintenance release, the Teneo Platform 7.0.1 brings a number of fixes and user driven improvements as well as various enhancements to Teneo Studio Web.

Teneo Studio

Teneo Studio Desktop

The 7.0.1 release includes optimization of Teneo Studio Desktop to improve the general performance and loading of solutions along with the below list of bug fixes and user driven improvements. Also note that import of solutions prior Teneo Studio 5.2 is no longer supported.

  • History and Version Flag
    • In Teneo 6.2 and 7.0 it was found that after adding a new document, setting the latest version to stable and then creating a new version (which is now the latest), when testing the document in Tryout/Auto-test/Publish, the latest version would be used when testing both the latest and the stable version of the document; this is fixed for Teneo 7.0.1 and the upgrade to 7.0.1 includes a step which will correct this behavior in affected solutions.
    • A use case detected in Teneo Studio 7.0, where duplicated revisions numbers would be assigned to different versions of the same document, is fixed.
  • Ordering window
    • An issue detected with the protected/un-protected state of a relation between two triggers after being reversed is fixed.
    • The "Load more" button, in the results of the Suggest Ordering feature, is again displayed when more results are available.
    • The Engine Match > TLML Syntax filter available in the filter panel of the Intent Trigger Ordering window is reviewed to ensure correct functionality as well as messaging for succeeded/failed/cancelled use cases.
  • Localization setup
    • The inheritance behavior of Matches and After Matches of triggers and transitions from Master to Local is revisited to ensure that these are only available in Local solution updates for new triggers/transitions (and not when modifications are performed in the Master solution on these elements).
    • A use case, where deletion of a Master-controlled document was performed and applied in the Local solution, after which the document was restored in the Master solution, but the update in the Local solution would create an add new document update, is fixed to make sure that the update in the Local solution now correctly restore the previously deleted document from the Recycle Bin.
    • Opening documents in the Recycle Bin of a Local solution now again display the documents correctly.
  • Publish
    • The name of the published war file (VA) is now available as an argument for the Post Publish Scripts of publish targets and the warName argument (without the .war extension) allows any scripts to easily know which file is to be handled.
    • When a full deploy is needed, a Publish results message is shown requiring confirmation of the full deployment, but in previous Teneo Studio versions, in cases where there was a Post Publish Script which wrote to the console during execution and it was not the first publish, the results of the previous publish was shown in the Publish results message which could lead to confusion. This has been fixed for Teneo Studio 7.0.1.
    • When two users modify a publish environment concurrently, the first user's changes are now updated automatically in the view of the second user.
  • Flows
    • Some adjustments are performed to the Flow editor with special attention to the Plus icons and their placement in the Flow graph.
    • When adding more than one Context Variable Match to a Flow (either Flow or Global), the dropdown displaying the available Variables now correctly updates the available items by removing the option to add any variable(s) already existing in the Flow.
  • Tooltips
    • The display of tooltips containing a reference to a Class Match is reviewed to ensure correct visualization.
  • Folder paths
    • The folder path in the backstage of Language Objects, Entities, and Flows is again displayed correctly for newly created documents.
    • The path for the location of Question and Answers, Language Objects, and Entities in the preview of bulk imported documents is reviewed to ensure the correct path is displayed.
  • Spellcheck
    • The spellcheck available in Teneo Studio (based on the solution language) now also works in the text filter of User Intents as well as when applying filters in the Ordering window (text, engine match, and search on description, positive/negative intents).

Teneo Studio Web

Teneo 7.0.1 brings stability and performance improvements to Teneo Studio Web together with the below listed enhancements.

  • Solution dashboard
    • From the Solution dashboard it is now possible to navigate to the list of either Flows, Language Objects or Entities by clicking the title of the tile.
    • Documents are now sorted alphabetically based on the solution language both in the list of documents and when navigating the solution folder structure.
    • Tooltips are added to the Solution dashboard to display informative messages on mouse over.
  • Entities
    • It is now possible to open, see and work with large Entities (+1000 entries).
  • Flows
    • The Flow editor comes with improvements for drawing of the Flow graph when dragging a node (drawing transitions from one node to another).
    • Output and User Intent nodes are improved to provide better usage support; this includes the save button to only appear when the developer performs changes (not by simply clicking Edit in either of the nodes), the text <empty> is displayed for an empty answer (when there is only one answer) and the node is not in edit mode, examples of User Intent are sorted according to the solution language and duplicates are removed when exiting edit mode (User Intent node).
    • The drop-down menus' functionality within a Flow are aligned to ensure that users are always presented with relevant options when adding any types of Matches, Flow Links and Integrations.
    • When adding a Match or After Match of the types Language Object and Entity, the initial lists of suggestions are now created based on the 20 most recently added or modified Language Objects/Entities from the past three weeks.
    • When adding Integration calls to the Flow, Teneo Studio now checks if a method is present and if any variable mappings are missing to ensure correct functionality of the Flow; therefore, the user will not be able to close the Integration node if any of these are missing nor be able to save the Flow.
  • User permissions
    • Modification of a solution or solution documents is now controlled based on the user type, meaning that non-global users cannot edit solutions nor documents unless they are the owner of the solution. The non-global user can still open and view solutions they are not the owner of, but in a read-only mode where the buttons to create documents isn't visible and, when trying to open documents, an "access denied" message is displayed.
  • Multiple customers
    • When multiple customers are available for the same account, the user is now enforced to select the desired customer before being able to create a new solution.
  • Others
    • Work is performed to align the messaging on buttons in Teneo Studio Web
    • Some errors logged in the browser console have lead to a review of various Flow functionalities to mend the errors and to provide a reliable and improved experience in Teneo Studio Web.

Teneo Languages

To maintain version alignments, new versions of all Teneo Conversational Modules (Dialogue Resources) and NLU Ontology & Semantic Networks (Lexical Resources) are released with Teneo 7.0.1.

Technology and deployment

The version of Xstream is updated and a viewtype information disclosure fixed, both to mitigate vulnerabilities.

Delegated authentication

Teneo Studio Web now supports delegated authentication (SAML).

Furthermore, in the OAuth2 > Clients table of Teneo Manager, the fields Authorization Code and Implicit (under OAuth2 allowed flows) and Redirect Url are removed.