Teneo Developers

Teneo Platform 7.0.2 Overview

The Teneo Platform 7.0.2 maintenance release includes the ability to retrieve the publish status for Teneo Studio Desktop when in SaaS environments as well. It also includes the below described fixes.

Teneo Studio

Prior to this release, the reload option for Publish environments and their statuses was a single action for all available environments. This is now moved so that each individual environment and its status can be reloaded separately.

If a solution already is published to an environment and a new publishing to it fails for a reason or another, the status of the already published version will now remain visible, giving adequate information of what version is up and running.

The Quality Control setting (available in the Solution Properties) can be deactivated correctly again, allowing solutions to be published directly to Production.

In Teneo Studio Desktop 7.0.0 or 7.0.1, when a Match of the type Language Object or Entity was added to a trigger or transition, it was only possible to add After Matches of these types mapping to the same Language Object or Entity as used as Match. This has been fixed, and there is again no dependence between the usage of a Language Object or Entity used as a Match and one used as an After Match in the same trigger/transition.

Teneo Languages

To maintain version alignments, new versions of all Teneo Conversational Modules and NLU Ontology & Semantic Networks are released with Teneo 7.0.2.

Technology and deployment

The RPM package configuration is modified to ensure the installation of dependencies is carried out successfully when performing an upgrade of Teneo.

An exception detected in Audit Logging which causes synchronization problems has been fixed.