Teneo Developers

Teneo Platform 7.0.3 Overview

Teneo Platform 7.0.3 brings a resolution of a security vulnerability detected in Teneo Manager (7.0.1 and 7.0.2) as well as the below described enhancements to Teneo Languages.

Teneo Languages

NLU Ontology and Semantic Networks


The Czech NLU Ontology and Semantic Network has been improved with new Languages Objects (~ 1000), mainly with the extensions .LEX, .SYN and .PHR and the country Entity, ZEMĚ.ENTITY, has been added with the NLU variables sCountry, sCapital and sCountryCode.

English and Swedish

The NUMBER Entity in English and Swedish has been extended to better understand numbers written as text. The limit is numbers up to hundreds of millions. Decimal numbers, ordinal numbers and units of amount expressions (i.e. "two dozens") are currently not covered. The Entity will aim to match on the longest number possible from the input, i.e. "sixteen thousand three hundred and twenty seven" --> 16 327.