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Teneo Platform 7.1 Overview

The Teneo Platform 7.1 release brings Globals, Integrations and File Resources to Teneo Studio Web, Multiple Global Scripts to both Studio Web and Studio Desktop as well as numerous updates to the tech stack.

Teneo Studio

Below a summary of the key features coming with the Teneo 7.1 release, full details available here

Teneo Studio Web

Globals, Integrations and File Resources

Teneo 7.1 brings Globals (Variables, Listeners, Scripted Context and Scripts), Integrations and File Resources to Teneo Studio Web; the implementation of Global in Web includes Multiple Global Scripts allowing users to add various different scripts of each script type.

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Open documents in tabs

Ctrl + click and right-click + "open in new tab" are now supported in Teneo Studio Web for opening documents in tabs.

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Read only and edit mode

It is now possible to open documents in both read-only and edit mode in Teneo Studio Web.

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Notifications in Tryout

Teneo Studio Web's Tryout now provide notifications related to Engine reload and session restart.

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Teneo Studio Desktop

Multiple Global Scripts

The 7.1 release brings Multiple Global Scripts to Teneo Studio allowing users to add various different scripts of each script type and divide large scripts into various shorter code blocks making them easier to work with, both in terms of file size and overview, but also by improving general good code practice.

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Fixes and User Driven Improvements

Teneo Studio 7.1 also includes various fixes and user driven improvements.

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Teneo Languages

New versions of all Teneo Conversational Modules and NLU Ontology & Semantic Networks are released with Teneo 7.1 to maintain version alignments.

Teneo Learn

Due to optimizations in the machine learning algorithm in a third-party library (Spark/MLlib), the models trained with this version of Teneo differ slightly from models trained with previous versions of Teneo. As a result, intent recognition will work slightly differently in solutions depending on the training data and the actual user input.

Also see the Tech Stack updates

Technology and deployment

Tech stack updates

The Teneo Platform 7.1 release includes various updates to the tech stack, among others:

  • Kafka 3.2.0
  • Java 11.0.15
  • Cassandra 4.0.5
  • Tomcat 9.0.65
  • Spark 3.3.0

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Upgrade to 7.1

There are a few details and upgrade steps to bear in mind when upgrading to Teneo 7.1, please see here for details

File Resources

When upgrading to 7.1, the content of any File Resource in the Recycle Bin will be lost; See details and workaround.

Log data format and TQL Queries

There is a breaking change in the logged data between pre-7.1 and 7.1-onwards which affect TQL queries using the vname property of global script events (that is, any event of pathType: session-script). This change affects only global script events, no other event names have been affected. This change affects only TQL queries as no other Platform function has been affected; See details and upgrade steps here.

KI Resolutions

The 7.1 release of the Teneo Platform includes the fixing of some Known Issues.

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Teneo Documentation

The following sections and pages of the Teneo Reference Documentation are updated to incorporate the changes brought with the 7.1 release:

  • Globals section updated to cater for Globals both in Teneo Studio Desktop and Teneo Studio Web as well as Multiple Global Scripts
  • Resources section updated to cover the inclusion of Integrations and File Resources in Teneo Studio Web.