Teneo Developers

Technology And Deployment

Tech Stack Updates

To keep Teneo up-to-date and secure, the 7.4 release brings various updates to the tech stack of Teneo, including:

  • Spark 3.5.0
  • MLeap 0.23.0
  • Apache Jackrabbit 2.20.13
  • React and React-dom 18 (Studio Web)

Other dependencies are also updated, for example, Node 20.9.0, NPM 10.1.0, FlyWay 9.22.3.
Please see the Teneo Platform dependencies for a complete list.

Teneo Manager

Teneo Manager is now compatible with both MariaDB and MySQL and Manager can therefore now be connected to these for storage of Studio/Manager databases. The work includes removal of the MariaDB third-party package from third parties. Note that migration from Teneo 6.0.0 or prior is not supported.

An issue with the resent MariaDB update causing queries to be displayed in Teneo Manager logs when debug level was chosen has been fixed in order to avoid exposure of critical or confidential data by exposing SQL queries being executed on the database and stored in log files.

Furthermore, general improvements are also performed on the Teneo Manager frontend to improve the usability related to modals and to allow for multi-select by pressing Ctrl while clicking (⌘ CMD on Mac). Also, an issue detected in the Create new group modal has been fixed.


The Studio and Manager APIs come with new endpoints to handle the Account Settings related to LLM / Generative AI.

Teneo Studio Properties File

Based on the implementation of LLM / Generative AI, the teneo-studio.properties file is updated with two new properties:

  • microsoft.azure.llm.openAI.apiVersion with default value: 2023-05-15 and
  • microsoft.azure.llm.openAI.resourceUrlTemplate with default value https://{resourcename}.openai.azure.com/openai/deployments/{deploymentId}/chat/completions

KI Resolutions

DescriptionKnown Issue
Add Content no longer fails with a lock error if the document already exists in the Recycle BinKI-681
In Localization setups, when opening master versions of a Flow the order group is again displayed correctlyKI-687
Changes to the name, description, images and/or availability on a master-controlled Integration are again shared with Local solutionsKI-691