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Date and Time

DateTime Recognizer IP

The below listed languages currently make use of the DateTime Recognizer IP; to read more about how to use the natively understanding and interpretation of date and time expressions in the Teneo Platform, please see here.

DateTime Recognizer
DanishFrenchNorwegian (Nynorsk/Bokmål)Swedish

The native understanding of date and time expressions is also available for Japanese and Chinese; these are described in their respective Input Processors Chains.

The DateTime Recognizer Input Processor is available in the Standard Input Processor chain, and it recognizes and annotates various date and/or time expressions which are then used by Language Objects to support the date and time interpretation. The two annotations in the below table are created by the DateTime Recognizer IP.

DATE.DATETIMEAnnotation for collated date expressionsdmy (map), mdy(map), ymd(map), all with keys (int) day_of_month, monthand year"140219", "14.02.19", "3.4.2018", "03.04.2018", "20180403"
TIME.DATETIMEAnnotation for collated time expressionshour(int), minute (int), second(int), meridiem(string)"15h30", "11pm", "30 sec"