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Updates from the Master

Currently the options and functionalities described in this page apply only toTeneo Studio Desktop

Master Solution Changes

In the Local solution of the Localization solution set up, the updates coming from the Master solution, are displayed in the My Work tab in the backstage of Teneo Studio (Solution tab > My Work) under Master Solution Changes.

My Work tab with available Master Solution Changes

The updates can include:

  • Addition of new documents, like Flows, Folders, Language Objects, Entities, Order groups, etc.
  • Modification of existing documents
  • Deletion of documents

Each document type comes with its own image and each update is displayed with a small icon which indicates which type of update has been performed in the Master solution.

Different types of Master Solution Changes available in a Local solution

Updates might include

  • New - Delete - Modified

    • Order group
    • Language Object
    • Entity
    • Flow
    • Folder
    • Global (Variables, Context, Emotions, Metadata)
  • etc.

Accept updates

To accept updates from the Master solution, either

  • Click the button All x items to accept ALL available updates in one go, or
  • click the button Selected to accept only the selected updates (multi-select documents by using CTRL+click).

Teneo Studio will prompt the user to confirm the update of the Master Solution Changes before beginning to perform the actual update of the selected or all documents to the solution.

Inspect updates before acceptance

It is possible to view the document of the Master solution before accepting the update in order to see what has been changed. To do so:

  • Select the document in the Master Solution Changes view (My Work tab)
  • Click Open Master
  • Double-click the document to open the Local version (or, alternatively, click the Open button in the right-side of the Studio window)

The user can now review the document to inspect the changes.

Open Master and Local Flows

When opening an object with pending updates in the Local solution, the top ribbon includes, in the Master area the following buttons:

  • Open: allows to open the object in the Master solution
  • Reset: reset the local object to the current Master solution
  • Update: update the object with the changes from the Master solution

Resetting an object implies that any local changes of the object are overwritten by the current version of the object in Master.

Master area in the top ribbon of a Flow

Reload lists

The Reload button available in the right side of the window allows the user to reload and refresh in one go both the Documents (Master Solution Changes) and Suggestions lists.

Update Results

Once Teneo Studio has finished updating the documents, an Update Results window will be displayed. Simply click OK to continue.

Document name is not unique

If a user applies updates from the Master, but one or more documents share the same name with a document in the Local solution, these updates are not applied and in the Update Results view, the user will see which updates were not applied with the message The document name is not unique.

To apply these updates, the Local user can either rename the Local documents or contact the owner of the Master solution to rename the documents in the Master solution.

A unique name is required for the following documents:

  • Folders (within same folder)
  • Flows (within same folder)
  • Language Objects
  • Entities
  • Class documents
  • Global Listeners
  • Scripted Contexts
  • Integrations
  • Global Variables
  • Emotions
  • Global Scripts


New Matches and After Matches coming from the Master solution are always added to the end of the respective list, just as Order groups.

Localization functionality
Localization functionality properties lists
After Matches