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Recycle Bin

The options and functionalities described in this page currently only apply toTeneo Studio Desktop

Recycle Bin view

The Recycle Bin of a Teneo Studio solution is available in the lower area of the Solution Explorer.

Recycle Bin

Accessing the Recycle Bin opens a new tab in the top of Teneo Studio: the Recycle Bin view.

Recycle Bin tab and top ribbon

The top ribbon provides various filter options to the user in order to filter on and find specific deleted documents.
The list of deleted documents in the Recycle Bin can be ordered by clicking the headers: Name, Deleted (time), Deleted by (user name), or Location. Please note that it is also possible to order by branchable state although the column doesn't have a header text.
The user can also, in the top ribbon, filter by adding a text filter or by selecting a specific document type.
Double-clicking a document in the Recycle Bin will either open the document in read-only mode or open the document's History.

It is not possible to open a deleted Publish environment, therefore a message will be displayed in order to first restore it.

Restorable documents

The below listed documents can be restored from the Recycle Bin after deletion.

Restorable documents
ClassGlobal Variable
EmotionLanguage Object
File ResourceMetadata
FlowPublish Environment

Restore a document

To restore a document from the Recycle Bin, simply select the document(s) in the Recycle Bin view and click Restore in the top ribbon. Note that the Restore action restores the document(s) in the original location.
Flows, Language Objects and Entities can also be restored by dragging/dropping them to a folder outside the Recycle Bin, allowing to restore them in a different location than the original one.
When a folder with content is deleted, it is not possible to restore both the folder and its content from simply restoring the folder, but the user will need to restore each document manually. Restoring a document which original location is no longer available implies Teneo Studio automatically creating the location again.

When a document is restored from the Recycle Bin, a new version of the document is created.