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Teneo Studio allows to import and export solutions in the .solution file format, providing developers with the option to export solutions for backups, to re-import on top of another solution, etc.

Import Solution

To create a new solution with the import of a previously exported .solution file, follow the below steps:

Note that below should be performed without opening a solution; to import a .solution file to an existing solution, please see Add Content

  • With Teneo Studio open, click Import/Export in the left-side menu
  • Click Import Solution
  • Browse to the folder location of the .solution file, select it and click Open
  • Confirm the Solution Content and toggle the Use Imported Solution Id to the right to use the Id of the solution to import, click Next
  • Give the new solution a Name, optionally Add description
  • Click OK
  • Teneo Studio starts the creation and import of the solution, a confirmation message is displayed to the user when done: click Open Solution to open the new solution or simply click Close.

Alternatively, simply drag and drop a solution file onto the Solutions list (Solutions tab) to initiate the import process


To export one or more solutions or lexical resources, follow the below steps:

  • With Teneo Studio open, click Import/Export in the left-side menu
  • Click Export to open the Export window
  • Under Solutions to export select the solution(s) which should be exported, to multi-select press Ctrl while selecting
  • Download exported files to folder allows the user to browse to the file location where the exports should be stored
    • Overwrite existing files will overwrite any .solution or .library files available in the file location (if the name of the files is the same)
  • Under Export selected solution as select if the selected file(s) should be exported as solutions (.solution file format) or lexical resources (.library file format)
  • Click Continue
  • In the next window, click Begin export
  • The window will display the progress next to the name of the solution to export; when the status Completed is shown, the user can click Done.