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The solution in the world of Teneo is the place where the developer implements the different dialogues (Flows) and it is the container of all the knowledge of a Conversational AI application; this page takes the reader through the editing options available for a solution as a whole, so from the moment the user opens Teneo Studio but before actually opening the solution.

Solutions list

The Solutions list on the Solutions page contains a list of already created solutions in a given environment. Selecting any existing solution provides the user with a solution summary in the right side of the screen, with details related to the solution's properties (such as description, language and assigned lexical resources), revision specifics, solution statistics (number of Flows, Entities, Language Objects and Folders), etc.

In the top of the view, the user is presented with various options for solution management.

Solution management options

The available options include:

Open a solution

After launching Teneo Studio Desktop, follow the below steps to open an existing solution:

  • Go to the Solutions page
  • Scroll to the wanted solution, and double-click to open, alternatively select the solution and click Open in the top bar.

Read more about working in solutions.

Create new solution

With Teneo Studio open, but without opening any solution, go to the Solutions page and follow the below steps to create a new solution:

  • Click New in the top bar
  • In the New Solution wizard, select the Language of the solution
  • Confirm the Solution Content
  • Click Next
  • Give the new solution a Name and optionally Add description
  • Click OK to create the solution

Teneo Studio will initiate the solution creation process; when done the user is prompted to either close the solution creation message or open the new solution.

To create a solution with a .solution import, please refer to the Import/Export page in this section.

The available options for Solution Content varies depending on the selected language and if template solutions (such as Teneo Conversational Modules) are available; read more

Delete solution

Deleting a solution in Teneo Studiocannot be undone

It is possible to delete a solution from Teneo Studio, to do so, follow the below steps:

  • Open the Solutions page
  • In the Solutions list, select the solution to delete
  • In the top bar, click Delete
  • Teneo Studio will prompt the user to confirm the deletion, click Yes
  • The solution will now be deleted and the Solutions list reloaded.


Solution Content

When creating a new solution, there are two options available for solution content:

  • Create from Template allows to create a solution based on a template available in the environment and for the selected language, usually a Teneo Dialogue Resource (Teneo Conversational Modules)
  • Create empty solution creates an empty solution with no solution content.

Looking to import or export a solution? Take a look to the Import/Export page

Template Solutions

A template solution can serve as a starting point for new solutions and pre-fills the new solution with useful starting data, for example, Flows or Global data such as Listeners, Scripts, and Integrations.
Teneo provides template solutions out-of-the-box in the format of Dialogue Resources for a number of languages, and they are selectable upon solution creation in the Create new solution dialogue.

The Teneo Dialogue Resources contain Flow drafts from which developers can create solutions and they cover generic dialogue capabilities needed for a conversational AI application to behave human-like, show social skills and personalized behavior.
For more information about Teneo Pre-built Knowledge, please see here.

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