Teneo Developers


The 'Composer to Teneo' guide is designed to give Composer users an introduction to Teneo by converting a Weather bot from being on Composer to Teneo.


The Composer to Teneo guide is divided into different chapters where you will experience the following:

  • Create a Composer bot in Teneo

  • Modify the Greeting message

  • Add a new flow

  • Set up a trigger

  • Prompt a user for input

  • Validate user inputs

  • Make an HTTP request to an external API

  • Enable interruptions for help and cancel requests

  • Add a card to display the weather


This is a beginner-level guide aiming to introduce current Composer users to the Teneo.

End goals

After this guide, you will be familiar with the terms concepts, and design features of Teneo. You will be able to use Teneo Studio and with ease convert your Composer solutions and flows to Teneo.

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