Teneo Developers


This is a 10-minute tour through Microsoft LUIS and Teneo, which allows you to combine the NLU-power of Microsoft LUIS with the conversational power of Teneo. This guide will provide you with the tools you need to start creating your own Microsoft LUIS and Teneo solutions.


In Microsoft LUIS and Teneo in 10 minutes, you will experience the following:

  • Setting up Teneo Studio and logging in for the first time

  • Establishing a connection between your LUIS application and Teneo

  • Using Tryout to have a conversation with a bot

  • Learning how to publish a bot using our prebuilt Longberry Baristas solution

  • Editing a flow in the same solution to make the bot more efficient

  • Republishing and testing the newly edited solution


This is a beginner-level course aiming to introduce you to the basics of the Teneo platform. No prior knowledge is required.

End goals

After this guide, you will be familiar with how the Teneo platform works. You will have learned to request access to Teneo, log into Teneo Studio, create a simple conversational flow, and publish your solution to talk to your bot.

Additionally, you will have been introduced to Microsoft LUIS and how to use LUIS in combination with Teneo by preparing a LUIS application and connecting it to your Teneo solution.

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