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With Conversational Language Understanding (CLU), you can train a model in one language and use it to predict intents and entities from utterances in another language. This powerful feature can save a huge amount of time and effort; instead of building separate projects for every language, you can handle multi-lingual datasets in one project. Your dataset doesn't have to be entirely in the same language but you should enable the multi-lingual option for your project in the project settings.


In this guide, we will demonstrate how to localize the 'Longberry Baristas' solution, which is in English, to other languages with the help of CLU.

By following the steps in this guide, you will complete the following:

  1. Set up a master solution configured to use a CLU model.

  2. Create a localized Teneo solution in another language and train your CLU model.


This is a beginner-level guide aimed to help developers localize solutions with Conversational Language Understanding and Teneo.

End goals

After this guide, you will be familiar with using Teneo's localization feature.

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