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Microsoft Power BI Desktop

The following section of pages on Microsoft Power BI contain the resources you will need to get Power BI reports for your Teneo solution up and running. The Power BI pack contains a set of premade reports that can provide inspiration and serve as a starting point for your own reports. Also included in this pack is a collection of guides showing you exactly how to set up the premade reports and start creating your own. Teneo data is accessed in Power BI using a custom connector, three versions of which are available for use. Which connector is ideal for a certain project depends on whether the project has a large amount, a moderate amount or a smaller, developmental amount of data and traffic.

Microsoft Power BI Desktop - gif

A webinar on the Power BI connector is available here.

Scale setup

This setup is our recommended approach. Using this approach, you can load the data from Teneo Inquire into your data lake as demonstrated in the following image:

scale arch

This approach has the following strengths:

  • Scales well with both data and Power BI usage
  • Enables you to combine the Conversational AI log data with other sources in your data lake and lets you analyze it as part of your overall business
  • Allows you to use the data store of your choice (in these pages, we will use Microsoft Azure SQL, but you can easily use a different data store if preferred)

Please visit Scale Setup to learn how to set up the connector.

Production setup

This setup is suited for cases where the Scale setup is not an option but you still want to work on larger data.

prod arch

This setup is a good fit for clients who:

  • Do not care about putting bot data into a data lake to be analyzed alongside other data
  • Do not want to get an Azure SQL service (or similar service)
  • Have lighter traffic and may run dashboard using data for 3-6 months, rather than up to 12 months

Please visit Production Setup to learn how to set up the connector.

Development setup

To simplify and speed up your Power BI report development for small amounts of data, we have a direct connector from Power BI to Inquire that allows you to get a full set of dashboards up and running quickly. This setup is simple and easy to get started with, and its structure is demonstrated in the following image:

dev arch

This approach works great for the following scenarios:

  • Working with a project in development with small amounts of data
  • Building a proof of concept
  • Exploring which queries are relevant and what dashboards are needed

Please visit Development Setup to learn how to set up the connector.