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Getting Started

This section goes through Teneo in 10 minutes which will give you a crash course in Teneo.

After this crash course you will be able to:

  • Open some flows and modify for example some answers.
  • Check the modification in Tryout.
  • Publish and chat with your bot (You can either do this by using the Teneo built in chat, using the URL in Publish to deploy it on Teneo Web Chat).

Getting Started will also introduce you the core functionalities in Teneo and how to use them when building your own solutions such as:

  • Flows and match requirements
  • Entities and Data Actions
  • Dialogue and Context Model

Build your bot

In this 'Build your bot' section you will learn how to:

  • Build flows that contain the logic needed to resolve specific question of the user.
  • Bring your various flows together in conversations by sharing information between flows and using context.
  • Improve language understanding of your bot by using Teneo's unique hybrid natural language model.
  • Make your bot more capable by learning the finesses of the scripting options in Teneo.
  • Read more on our best practices when building a bot.
  • Teneo allows you to perform quality assurance tasks during the development and maintenance of a Teneo solution by testing your flows.

Deploy your bot

In this 'Deploy your bot' section, you will find:

  • Version Flags, a function to organize large projects and much more.
  • Teneo Engine API, an guide on how to access the Engine API together with examples.
  • Documented SDK's you can use to create your own apps or connectors.

But before you continue, make sure you Publish your bot to make it available online.

Analyze your bot

Once you've built your bot in Teneo Studio and deployed it to a Teneo Engine, the users of your bot will start generating conversational data.This data is a helpful source of information for improvement and can provide valuable business insights. This section helps you to make the most of your data.

In this 'Analyze your bot' section, you will learn how to:

Please note: conversations that you have with your bot in Tryout are not stored in your bot's data repository! Before you can analyze data, you should publish your bot and generate data by interacting with your bot online.

Optimize your bot

Once the conversational data comes in which is a helpful source of information for improvement. This section helps you to optimize your bot based on real-life data.

In this 'Optimize your bot' section, you will learn how to: