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Class Manager

Teneo offers a wide range of Match requirements to add to your trigger. One of them is the Machine Learning-based Class. We know from the previous page, Your First Flow, how to generate a Class while working on a flow. This chapter will be about maintaining these classes.

Located in the ribbon bar is the 'Class Manager'. Clicking it will open the Class Manager in a new window that looks like this:

class manager

The left section of the Class Manager is a list of the classes inside the solution. Selecting one will let the user see the training examples and see which flows the class is being 'Used by'.

It's important to acknowledge that the training data is inside the Class Manager, changing it will fully affect the flow which its being used by.

Add a training example

If we select the 'TELL_ME_ABOUT_YOUR_COFFEE' class, we can see that the solution doesn't have training data for the coffee type 'Cortado', even though it is a popular coffee type.

If we want to add this coffee type inside the Class we'll need to do the following.

  1. Open the 'Class Manager' and select 'TELL_ME_ABOUT_YOUR_COFFEE' class.
  2. Click on 'Edit' in the ribbon bar and add the training data Do you serve Cortado.
  3. Hit 'Save'.

Now you'll see the before and after we added training data for the coffee type 'Cortado'.

When you go back to the Tryout window you'll see a small text saying, 'Model training in progress', this indicates that the changes you've made are saved and the platform is currently re-training the classes in the machine learning model. This will change to 'Model update completed' when it's done. Adding training examples can only be done from the Class Manager page once the Class has been created. It's not possible to add training examples from the flow editor page. This will only add 'Test Data' that will be used when testing your bot and not 'Training Data'.

test data

Test yourself

Now proceed with adding one more training example. This time for the coffee-type Americano. Don't forget to save and test your added example in Tryout.