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The Teneo user credentials give access to both Teneo Studio Desktop and Teneo Studio Web.

To log into Teneo Studio Desktop:

  • Launch the application
  • If prompt to enter a server, write the server address and click Connect
  • Enter the credentials (username and password)
  • Lastly, click Login.

After successful login, the My Work page of Teneo Studio is displayed.

To log into Teneo Studio Web:

  • Point the browser to the Teneo Studio Web URL
  • Enter the credentials (username and password)
  • Lastly, click login.

After successful login, the Home page of Teneo Studio is displayed listing the available solutions.

First glance

After successful login, My Work is opened.

My Work

Teneo Studio, before starting to work in any solution, provides the following via the left-side menu:

  • My Work with an overview of the user's recently opened documents and owned solution(s)
  • Solutions provide the Solutions list which includes all available solutions in the environment; it is also here that users have the possibility to create new solutions or delete existing ones; read more
  • Lexical displays an overview of the available lexical resources in the server including Teneo Lexical Resources and other lexical resources; an option to import further lexical resources is available
  • Log Data provides an overview of the available Log Data Sources
  • Import/Export allows to import or export solutions and lexical resources
  • About gives detailed information about the current Teneo Studio client, the server version and user information.

After successful login, the Home of Teneo Studio is opened displaying the Solutions list.

Teneo Studio Home

The user will here find the following:

  • Home button (top ribbon) allows to navigate back to this view from any place in a solution
  • Option to Filter solutions in the Solutions list (text filter)
  • The User menu displays the user name of the currently logged in user and, when clicked, allows to Log out
  • Solutions list displays the available solutions already created in the current environment; read more
  • In this view the Create button allows to create a new solution; read more.