Interface ImmutableActiveFlowStackI

  • public interface ImmutableActiveFlowStackI
    The stack of active flows. This is stack of stacks, that is, a two-dimensional structure. For each active normal flow a substack entry exists in the main stack, and the normal flow is the bottom element of that substack. It is the only normal flow in that substack. The substack can also contain zero or more subflows on top of the normal flow.
    • Method Detail

      • getMain

        ImmutableActiveFlowI getMain​(int _iIndex)
        Returns the normal flow at the given index.
      • getSub

        ImmutableActiveFlowI getSub​(int _iIndex)
        Returns the flow at the given index of the topmost substack. That is, for index 0 the normal flow is returned, for any other index a subflow is returned.
      • peekMain

        ImmutableActiveFlowI peekMain()
        Returns the topmost normal flow (regardless whether subflows exist on top of it).
      • peekSub

        ImmutableActiveFlowI peekSub()
        Returns the topmost flow (can be a normal flow or a subflow).
      • isSub

        boolean isSub()
        Returns whether the topmost flow (as returned by peekSub()) is a subflow.
      • sizeSub

        int sizeSub()
        Returns the size of the topmost substack.
      • getSubStack

        List<? extends ImmutableActiveFlowI> getSubStack​(int _index)
        Returns the substack at the given index.
      • sizeFlat

        int sizeFlat()
        Returns the total number of flows in the stack.
      • asFlatIterable

        Iterable<? extends ImmutableActiveFlowI> asFlatIterable()
        Returns an Iterable over all flows in the stack. Its iteration starts at the bottommost normal flow - the value returned by getMain(0) - and ends at the topmost flow - the value returned by peekSub().
      • isEmpty

        boolean isEmpty()
        Returns whether the stack is completely empty.
      • size

        int size()
        Returns the number of normal flows on the stack.