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Flow window


This page provides an introduction to the Flow window and the main options when working with Flows in Teneo Studio.

The Flow window of Teneo Studio Desktop consists of two tabs: Home and Flow.

The Home tab contains the following:

  • Top ribbon with editing options and buttons; read more
  • Flow editor or Flow graph providing a visualization of the dialogue as well as Plus icons providing further development options
  • Editor panels (right side) displays different options depending on the selected node in the Flow graph allowing to modify the behavior of the dialogue
  • Flow Panel (left side) provides an overview of Flow level definitions related to metadata, variables and Flow listeners
  • Error Panel (left side) appears when Flow errors are detected; learn more

The Flow tab consists of a left-side menu with the following:

  • Save allows to save the current version of the Flow
  • Properties allows to edit the name, description and resume prompt of the Flow
  • History contains the history and lists former versions of the Flow
  • Variables allows to add or edit Flow variables
  • Listeners allows to add or edit Flow listeners
  • Metadata allows to add metadata definition at Flow level
  • Scripts allows to add Flow scripts
  • Auto-test provides the option to autotest the Flow at solution level or Flow level
  • Close allows to close the Flow window

The Flow window in Teneo Studio Web contains the following:

  • Solution name and folder path
  • Flow name; click the name for inline editing
  • Save button; appears when changes are performed in the Flow
  • Flow editor with, for example,
    • Flow overview (above the Flow variables and listeners)
    • User Intent
    • Match(es)
    • Bot Output
    • Raise and drop labels
    • The Plus icons providing further development options
  • Tryout

Flow window