Interface ImmutableSessionDataI

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    public interface ImmutableSessionDataI
    extends Cloneable
    This interface defines read-only access to the session data.
    • Method Detail

      • getApplicationName

        String getApplicationName()
        Returns the name of the solution.
      • getSolutionId

        String getSolutionId()
        Only for internal use.
      • getLastSessionAccess

        long getLastSessionAccess()
        Returns the point in time when the session was last accessed (milliseconds since 1.1.1970).
      • getScriptBindings

        ImmutableScriptBindingsI getScriptBindings()
        Returns the script bindings used for execution of script events in the session scope.
      • getSessionBegin

        long getSessionBegin()
        Returns the point in time when the session was started (milliseconds since 1.1.1970).
      • getSessionId

        String getSessionId()
        Returns the ID of this session, a unique sequence of arbitrary characters.
      • getPreviousSessionId

        String getPreviousSessionId()
        Returns the previous session ID if this is a continued session (see isContinued()), otherwise null.
      • isContinued

        boolean isContinued()
        Returns whether this session is a continuation of a previously timedout session.
      • getCurrentFlow

        ImmutableActiveFlowI getCurrentFlow()
        Returns the topmost element of the active flows stack.
      • getLogEntries

        List<? extends ImmutableLogEntryI> getLogEntries()
        Returns the log data generated for the transactions of this session. The first (that is, oldest) transaction is stored at list index 0.
      • getEndDialogMetadata

        Map<String,​String> getEndDialogMetadata()
        Returns the metadata set during session termination.
      • getEndDialogChangedVariables

        Map<String,​Object> getEndDialogChangedVariables()
        Returns the script variables set during session termination.
      • getLogVariables

        Map<String,​String> getLogVariables()
        For an active session the log variables of the last transaction are returned, for a terminated session the log variables set during session termination scripting are returned.