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Teneo Studio provides information about errors, warnings and information messages to draw the user's attention to things that might not be working as expected or that should be fixed; these messages can appear in various places in a solution as listed below:

  • Suggestions (available in the backstage of Teneo Studio Optimization > Suggestions)
    Contains different types of autosuggestions or indications provided by Teneo to the user in order to help find and correct any errors or potentially problematic issues in the solution; read more
  • Tryout
    Provides information related to warnings and errors detected by Engine to quickly draw the user's attention to these; read more
  • Errors folder (available at the bottom of the Solution Explorer when errors are detected)
    Gives information about errors detected in the solution; clicking a document will bring the user to where the error was found
  • Errors panel, available in:
  • Syntax errors (TLML Syntax editor, for example in Language Objects or Syntax Matches)
    Syntax errors are highlighted in red in the Syntax editor; read more about the Syntax highlighting here or see the Troubleshooting TLML Syntax page.

Please follow the links provided above to get as specific information as possible about the encountered error message in the solution.