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Work is continued to keep improving the user experience of Teneo Studio Web which means that Teneo 7.1 brings improvements to better the performance of Teneo Studio Web including improved performance of the Solution list, review of buttons, labels and drop-down menus to ensure correct messaging and display. The continued work also includes revisiting the display of disabled Language Objects and Entities used as Matches and After Matches in Flows as well as a review of the entries in Entities to ensure correct highlighting of these.

Furthermore, a bug allowing to create Language Object Variable names with spaces has been fixed, errors logged in the console at deletion of a node in the Flow have been mended and when logging out when there are unsaved changes it is now again possible to abort the logout and save the changes before continuing to log out without loosing any changes performed.

On top of the continued improvement work and fixes, Teneo Studio Web 7.1 also brings the below described features.

Globals, Integrations and File Resources

The Teneo 7.1 release brings Global Variables, Global Listeners, Global Scripted Contexts. Global Multiple Scripts, Integrations and File Resources to Teneo Studio Web.
All of these are available from the Solution dashboard, where Globals share a tile while Integrations and File Resources have a tile each.

Solution dashboard

The Globals tile allows to easily navigate to the lists of Global documents by clicking the wanted document type (i.e. Scripts, Variables, Scripted Contexts or Listeners) and to create new Global documents by clicking the create button (plus icon) next to the wanted document type.
From the Integrations and File Resources tiles it is possible to navigate to the documents list by simply clicking the tile header or by clicking the right-pointing arrow, and again new documents can be created by clicking the create button at the top of the tiles.

How to work with each of these documents is described further in the following pages of the Reference documentation:

Global Scripts

The Multiple Global Scripts described further below are, of course, also available in Teneo Studio Web allowing users to add various Global Scripts of each script type by selecting type, giving the script a unique name and optionally adding a description before lastly adding the actual script piece in the editor.

Create Global Script

Global Script and Listener Ordering

With Globals in Web also comes Global Script Ordering and Global Listener Ordering which is managed from the list of each of the document types, where it is possible to organize the order of the documents by simply dragging/dropping the documents into the desired order.

Both in the list of the Global Scripts and the Global Listeners the user will find an Order column which, when more than one document is available, allows to drag/drop the documents into the desired execution order. When performing changes to the Ordering, the Save button appears in the top ribbon together with a Cancel button allowing to save or discard the changes.

Drag and drop ordering

Note that for Global Scripts it is only possible to order the scripts within the same script type (i.e. the user cannot drag a script of type "Begin dialog" and drop it onto "Pre-processing")

Open documents in tabs

Teneo Studio Web 7.1 allows for opening documents in a new tab by the use of Ctrl + click and right-click + "open in a new tab".

Read only and edit mode

Documents in Teneo Studio Web can now be visualized in both read-only and edit mode allowing users with only read access to view documents without being able to edit them; it also makes it possible to display a document in the situation where the document is already locked and in edit by another user.

Document locked message

Notifications in Tryout

Notifications related to "Engine reload required" and "Session restart required" are now displayed in Tryout of Teneo Studio Web, clicking the reload button will reload/restart the Engine/Session.

Reload naotification in Tryout

Teneo Studio Desktop

The Teneo Platform 7.1 Release brings Multiple Global Scripts to Teneo Studio Desktop.

Multiple Global Scripts

Multiple Global Scripts allow users to add various code blocks of each script type (i.e. Begin dialog, New session, End dialog, Solution loaded, etc.) providing the possibility to split large scripts into several code blocks making it easier to work with, both in terms of file size and finding the right bit of the script, but also my improving general good code practice.

Each script now has a name and (optionally) a description, which allow users to give each code block an explicative name and describe the purpose of the contained code, and by this help other users better understand the scope of each of the scripts in the solution and at the same time easier to find the exact block which needs review or modifications. On top of this, the multiple scripts allow for better collaboration features as two or more users can now work on different code blocks of the same script type at the same time.

Each script, of course, has its own Version History and the option to set the Version Flag.

Read more about Global Scripts in the Reference Documentation

Global Script Ordering

With Multiple Global Scripts also comes Global Script Ordering which, similarly to the Global Listeners Ordering, allows users to set the order in which scripts of the same type are executed.
To set the Ordering of Global Scripts, the user simply has to click Edit at the bottom of the view and use the blue-colored arrows to move a selected script up or down in the list. Note that scripts can only be moved up/down within the same script type and the user cannot move a script from one script type to another, for example, from Begin dialog to End dialog.

Global Script Ordering

After setting the order of the scripts in the desired order, the user should of course remember to save the ordering, and it is possible to see the Version History and set/unset a specific version of the Ordering as stable.

Read more in the Reference Documentation

Localization setup

The Global Scripts behavior when working with Master and Local solutions has been modified and the user of the Master solution can now include/exclude the scripts needed in the Local solution(s). This means that Master controls the existence of the included scripts as well as the type and the name, but the user of the Local solution can now modify the description, the script and the Script Ordering which, apart from sharing processes, also allow the Master solution to contain scripts which are not shared with the Local solution(s).

Read more about Localization setup in the Reference Documentation

Merge import

The Multiple Global Scripts provide improved support for adding content to an already existing solution with Global Scripts, as the import will now add the new scripts from the imported solution to the end of the list of the Script Ordering. Scripts from the imported solution which share name with a script in the existing solution will have a number appended to the name to make it unique within the solution as known from import of other document types in Teneo Studio.

In the case of Global Scripts sharing the Id in the two solutions, please notice that the imported solution will overwrite the script in the existing solution.

Learn how to Add Content to an existing solution

Log Data format and TQL queries

There is a breaking change in the logged data between pre-7.1 and 7.1-onwards which affect TQL queries using the vname property of global script events (that is, any event of pathType: session-script). This change affects only global script events, no other event names have been affected. This change affects only TQL queries as no other Platform function has been affected.

More details here

Fixes and User Driven Improvements

In both Teneo Studio Web and Teneo Studio Desktop, the Plus icon - available in the Flow graph after a Flow linking to a non-subflow - is removed to prevent the addition of further transitions/nodes as this would leave the Flow in an invalid state.

The below listed fixes and improvements apply to Teneo Studio Desktop.

  • A bug detected in Teneo 6.2.1 and following versions where users would experience increasing slowness in Teneo Studio, especially when working with the Trigger Ordering, has lead to various enhancements related to the Ordering to improve the performance
  • The Tryout related shortcuts Ctrl + r (restart), Ctrl + Alt + r (reload) and Ctrl + t (focus text box) now also work in the advanced Tryout window
  • Improvements to batch requests when setting/unsetting multiple documents to stable are performed
  • Usage improvements to the filtering function of the Globals/Resources in the backstage of Teneo Studio are made to ensure correct behavior of the filters and option to clear/exit the filter
  • Work is performed on tooltips within Flows to ensure correct display of these both before and after saving a newly created Flow
  • The behavior of the TODO label is reviewed to ensure accurate display when first opening a Flow with a Class Match
  • A use case where the browse option from a Language Object Match would not display the folder(s) of assigned lexical resource(s) right after assigning the lexical resource(s) is reviewed to ensure correct display of relevant folders and documents
  • The behavior of the buttons Generate and Draft is changed so that they can be clicked always and if Engine should not be ready Teneo Studio will display an informative message to the user to check that the Engine is running
  • Improvements are performed to the returned list of Language Objects/Entities when using the Auto-complete functionality in a Syntax editor to ensure that disabled documents are not suggested
  • The syntax highlighting in Matches is reviewed to ensure correct display of the referenced documents, specifically in situations where a local Language Object/Entity is disabled and a document with the same name exists in an assigned lexical resource
  • Drag and drop of positive and negative user intent/examples is reviewed to ensure correct behavior when documents are in read-only and edit mode
  • Various messages in Teneo Studio related to Publish are reviewed to ensure clear messaging.