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Teneo Generative QnA


Teneo Generative QnA is a starter kit which enables projects to quickly set up a Conversational AI application using OpenAI services on the Teneo Platform and use it to answer questions based on a custom controlled source of information.

Using the Teneo Generative QnA template solution as a starting point makes it possible to benefit from the many values of Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) while still getting access to the extensive Conversational AI features and functionalities of the Teneo Platform.

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) technology that produces content using machine learning algorithms; it "learns" from the existing data and produces new content based on it.
The foundation models of Generative AI in natural language processing are Large Language Models which are "computer programs" that use artificial neural networks to generate text based on a prompt, typically a question or a command, and are trained with self-supervised learning on large amounts of unlabeled text. An example of these types of computer programs is ChatGPT.

Teneo Generative QnA is a Teneo template solution, providing features, functionalities, and structural ideas; settings in the template solution are fully exposed and configurable, giving developers full control to adapt, add or remove features. The solution can be fine-tuned, enhanced further or just serve as inspiration when developing a new Conversational AI project.
The Teneo Generative QnA template comes out-of-the-box in Studio and is available upon creation of new solutions; after solution creation the developer will find a User Guide together with the solution's other Resource Files which helps with step-by-step guides to set up everything needed.

Create Generative QnA solution

To create a Generative QnA solution, follow the below steps:

  • Follow the steps outlined here to create a solution and bear in mind:
    • At step 2, select English
    • At step 3 Confirm the Solution Content, choose Create from Template and select Teneo Generative QnA
  • Then, follow the last steps outlined in above link to finish the creation of the solution.

Solution Content

Download the User Guide

After creating the Generative QnA solution, follow the below steps to download the step-by-step user guide:

  • First, if not already done so, open the solution
  • Go to the Studio backstage by clicking the Solution tab
  • Now, click Resources in the left-side menu
  • Select File
  • In the File list, select the Teneo Generative QnA - A User Guide.pdf file
  • Click Download in the left side of the window
  • Select where to download the file to and click Save.

Now the file is available in the selected location, browse to it and open it to follow the step-by-step guides for data ingestion and configuration of the Teneo solution.