Teneo Developers


The Solution section introduces various aspects of working in a Teneo Studio solution; the topics are divided into the following main areas:

  • Essentials provides the user with the fundamentals to get started with a solution; check out the solution window for an overview, or learn the basics for working with documents
  • Teneo Studio Desktop offers information related to options and functionalities currently only available through the desktop app; learn about version control, how to perform advanced searches, or restore a deleted document from the Recycle Bin among others
  • Troubleshooting presents an overview of where the user can find more information about detected errors and warnings in a Teneo Studio solution as well as a guide to finding referenced documents in a solution and a page covering some common TLML Syntax errors

Concept: Solution
In the world of Teneo, building a bot or Conversational AI application means building a solution; the solution is the container of all the knowledge and the conversational logic. In the solution, the user will typically create documents such as Language Objects and Entities which are reusable building blocks as well as Flows which contain the design of a dialogue related to a given topic or area of knowledge.

Flow ~ Language Object ~ Entity