Teneo Developers


Once you've built your bot in Teneo Studio and deployed it to a Teneo Engine, the users of your bot will start generating conversational data that is a helpful source of information for improvement.

This guide will take you through how to optimize your bot based on real-life data through testing and troubleshooting.


In Optimize your bot, you will experience the following:

  • Debugging your bot

  • Improving your bot using data and Teneo's tips

  • Troubleshooting your solution to find out how to solve potential issues

  • Optimizing classes using the Review Inputs and Improve the balance features


This is an advanced-level course that assumes you have successfully published a solution and that data has been generated through users talking to your bot.

End goals

After completing this guide, you will have learned various ways to optimize your bot performance, including by troubleshooting your solution and interpreting Teneo's tips and suggestions for improvement.

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