Teneo Developers


The fictional coffee shop Longberry Baristas is looking to expand their chain! In order to make the process as efficient as possible, they have decided to invest in Conversational AI and have reached out to you to build a bot.

In this guide, you will be taken through the process of creating the Longberry Baristas bot. This guide will introduce you to important concepts in Teneo and the bot building process that you will then be able to apply to your own solutions.


In Longberry Baristas from scratch, you will experience the following:

  • Creating a new solution and making it available online

  • Adding flows to create our coffee shop bot

  • Using transitions, the class manager, entities, and more to make our bot comprehensive and efficient

  • Learning the theory behind some relevant core concepts, such as flows, intent triggers, match requirements

  • Improving our bot through several hands-on step-by-step lessons introducing topics including branching, scripting, and Sub-Flows

  • Learning about more advanced concepts and how they could be applied in specific use cases to increase our bot's robustness


This is a beginner-level guide, so no prior knowledge is required. If you would like an introduction to the Teneo platform before starting this experience, check out the Teneo in 10 minutes guide first.

End goals

After completing this guide, you will have created a bot that makes use of all of the core functionality that Teneo has to offer. You will have been introduced to all the different concepts you will need to start building your own bots, and you will have gotten a feel for how a real project with a bit of substance might look.

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