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Teneo Crash course

  • Getting started with Teneo
    • Teneo in 10 minutes
  • Flows and match requirements
  • Entities and data actions
  • Dialogue and context model

Teneo in 10 minutes

Congratulations! You are about to discover what Teneo is all about and the core concepts behind it. The 'Getting Started' section will get you started with the Teneo platform. Its subsections will provide you with step-by-step instructions for building intelligent chatbots in Teneo.

A Birds Eye View of Teneo

This quiz consists of 4 questions. Pass grade is 100%

  1. What is the main role of an intent trigger?
    To tell Teneo what kinds of inputs, or intents, should activate a flow.
    To connect flow nodes with each other. They determine the paths a dialogue can follow
    To help you to model the layout and logic of your flow.
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