Teneo Developers

Teneo Platform 7.4 Overview

Teneo Studio

Generative AI - Copilot features

Teneo 7.4 brings Generative AI - copilot features which allow developers to generate entries in Entities, Training and Test examples for Classes, more User Intent examples and even Output answer variations, all based on either existing examples/entries or on a description providing by the developer.

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Teneo Studio Web

Teneo 7.4 brings to Studio Web the option for developers to create Sub-flows and Prompt Flows directly in Studio Web; the release also includes bug fixing.

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Teneo Studio Desktop

The 7.4 release brings to Teneo Studio Desktop a list of bug fixes and improvements.

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Teneo Languages

New versions of all Teneo Conversational Modules and NLU Ontology & Semantic Networks are released with Teneo 7.4 to maintain version alignments.

Technology and Deployment

The 7.4 Teneo release includes various updates to the tech stack.

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Teneo Manager

Teneo Manager is now compatible with both MariaDB and MySQL.

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KI Resolutions

The Teneo 7.4 release also includes resolutions of some Known Issues.

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Teneo Documentation

The Reference Documentation is updated to cater for the 7.4 Teneo Release, including the Generative AI - Copilot features which brings various updates to the Account page and minor updates to the following pages Class Manager, Entity, User Intent, Bot Output.
A review focused on SaaS-available features is also performed to ensure relevant documentation is available.