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Teneo Platform 7.2 Overview

Teneo Studio

Below a summary of the key features coming with the 7.2 release, full details available here

Teneo Studio Web

For the Teneo 7.2 release, work has continued to improve Teneo Studio Web and various fixes are performed to enhance the usability, including new keyboard shortcuts for modal views, review of tooltips and display of texts in documents' lists as well as alignment of terminology.

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Import, export and Add Content

It is now possible to import a new solution directly in Teneo Studio Web, add content to any existing solution and even export solutions; new buttons are implemented together with the option to drag/drop for import and add content.

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With Teneo 7.2, developers can work on a solution's intent classifier directly in Teneo Studio Web, i.e. add new classes and/or new training data.

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Teneo 7.2 brings various improvements to the Flow graph, such as the option to collapse the Flow overview, Flow Variables and Flow Listeners, improved zoom experience and expandable editors for TLML Syntax and script nodes.

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Teneo Studio Desktop

Log Data Source

A big focus point for the Teneo 7.2 release has been on expanding the Log Data Source in Teneo Studio with the data management functionalities previously available in the Log Data Manager (see further below) and developers will now find the options to Synchronize, manage Augmenters and Saved Results as well as the Sessions overview in the backstage of the Log Data Source window of Teneo Studio.

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Collapsible Flow Overview

A longed-for usability improvement allowing to collapse the Flow Overview is implemented for Flows in Teneo 7.2. This means that the Flow Overview in Teneo Studio Desktop has moved to the left-side panel making it possible to collapse/expand the view as needed.

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Teneo Languages

The Teneo 7.2 Release brings an updated version of the Czech NLU Ontology and Semantic Network, while the Italian, German, Spanish and English NLU Ontology and Semantic Networks brings minor improvements based on user feedback and client requests such as implementation of suggested Language Objects.

Teneo Log Data Manager

The Teneo Log Data Manager (Inquire), which in previous versions of the Teneo Platform was a separate frontend which provided the options to synchronize or import log data, create augmenters, as well as manage saved results and sessions, has in Teneo 7.2 been removed and the functionalities are moved partially to Teneo Manager and partially to Teneo Studio:

Please note that the removal of the Log Data Manager brings numerous changes to the Teneo APIs and clients; more details are available here.

Technology and deployment

Below a summary of the key features coming with the Teneo 7.2 release, full details available here

Tech Stack updates

The 7.2 release brings a number of updates to the tech stack, including Ubuntu 22.04, MariaDB 10.6.12, and Java 11.0.17.

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The Studio Rest API brings new endpoints to handle libraries, Language Objects, Entities and Folders, and a number of updates are available in various APIs based on the removal of the Log Data Manager and the incorporation of its functionalities in Teneo Studio and Teneo Manager.

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KI Resolutions

A Known Issue has been resolved.

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Teneo Documentation

The Teneo Reference Documentation is updated to reflect the changes coming with the Teneo 7.2 release; on top of this, the "Knowledge Base" has been removed and relevant articles and information are moved to other sections and pages of the documentation.